1130-8094web Understanding Mine to Mill, is a publication commissioned by the CRC ORE and written by Professor Don McKee, documenting the history of Mine to Mill.

Don McKee is an expert in research and education within the mining sector, bringing over 40 years of experience to this publication spanning 3 decades of leadership and business development roles within The University of Queensland.

The purpose of the Understanding Mine to Mill publication is to explain in a simple way the elements of Mine to Mill and to summarise the lessons learned and the keys to successful implementation.

Understanding Mine to Mill does not present a detailed technical examination of Mine to Mill, but rather is designed to inform board members, senior executives and management at a strategic level.

CRC ORE is committed to the effective transfer of technologies to industry. Understanding Mine to Mill has been written to lay a foundation of knowledge upon which to build a successful Mine to Mill implementation.

You can view CRC ORE and Don McKee's Mine to Mill publication below or click here.


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