Predictive geometallurgical controls on grade-by-size fractionation in gold systems

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Amery Jackson pointing to gold ore at the Erlistoun gold mine


PhD Topic:


Predictive geometallurgical controls on grade-by-size fractionation in gold systems




University of Tasmania, CODES


Research Supervisors:


Dr Nathan Fox


Expected Completion:


October 2020



Meet Amery Jackson:

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Amery completed an undergraduate degree in Science at the University of Tasmania with a double major in Earth Science’s and Chemistry. After his undergraduate course, Amery went on to complete an honours degree at The University of Adelaide in Petroleum Geology and Geophysics. He then began working as a full time fly-in fly-out Mine Geologist at the Garden Well Gold Mine in the Duketon Gold Fields of Western Australia. After two years, he became part of the geological team that set up and commenced production at Erlistoun Gold Mine.

After Amery completes his PhD, he would like to remain in the gold mining industry. He plans to use the knowledge gained during his candidature to provide assistance in driving maximum value from Australia’s commodities.


Focus area:

Predictive geometallurgical controls on grade-by-size fractionation in gold systems.



Amery’s PhD investigates a phenomenon known as ‘natural deportment’ or ‘grade-by-size fractionation’. Natural deportment is caused by preferential rock breakage that allows mineral phases to partition into specific size fractions, concentrating the valuable phase minerals (eg. gold, chalcopyrite and bornite).

Preferential grade-by-size deportment represents a key underlying driver for Grade Engineering®. Ore domains which preferentially deport target mineral phases into the finer size fractions can be screened to generate an upgraded mill stream.

Grade Engineering has been demonstrated to increase the economic viability of ore systems by separation of lower grade, coarse material prior to energy intensive crushing and milling. As a result, in ground resources can be effectively modified, transforming the NPV of low grade ore systems.

Amery’s project is focussed on three gold phase minerals with variable natural deportment responses. The aim is to evaluate the fundamental geological controls on natural deportment to generate predictive indices to populate block models for amenability to grade-by-size separation technologies.


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