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CRC ORE is an international collaboration formed in 2010 to research, develop and deliver new technologies for the mining industry. The Centre is supported by the Commonwealth Government’s Cooperative Research Centre program, high profile tertiary institutions and industry partners. This program supports end-user driven research collaborations to address major challenges facing Australia. Led by Professor Ben Adair, CRC ORE is the first large scale Research and Development initiative to bring together ore body knowledge, mass mining, blasting engineering, mineral processing, spatial modelling and resource economics.

CRC ORE commenced in mid-2010 and was awarded a further six-year funding term commencing in July 2015. $34.4m of Commonwealth funding has been matched by industry participant cash contributions. This funding, together with in-kind support, means the current six-year term of CRC ORE is supported at start up by over $100m of investment to achieve critical mass and capacity.

CRC ORE is working in close collaboration with the global minerals industry to develop an innovative system based approach to improve productivity. This has resulted in an integrated operational solution built around Grade Engineering®. Grade Engineering seeks to improve unit metal productivity as a means of delivering system value to the life of mine. This involves a range of integrated technologies and operating protocols for improving effective feed grades through early rejection of gangue before energy intensive processing operations. The approach has significant implications for optimising resource extraction particularly of large, low grade mining operations.

CRC ORE’s Innovation Delivery Group (IDG) facilitates Grade Engineering technology progression through CRC ORE’s Innovation Pathway with a focus on value drivers and system integration. To achieve this, IDG is required to collaborate effectively with Mining, METS and Research participants. The IDG portfolio has five key areas of focus:
1. Delivering site utilisation projects to trial, demonstrate and validate Grade Engineering technologies
2. Delivery Theme projects focussing on the next generation of integrated Grade Engineering solutions
3. Supporting applied research and development programs with Research Participants
4. Technology Transfer of Grade Engineering outcomes to the mining industry
5. Mining Innovation Hub’s to promote innovation and uptake in the Australian mining sector

CRC ORE is headquartered at The Queensland Centre for Advanced Technologies (QCAT) at Pullenvale.


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