19 February 2017: CRC ORE has commenced several new site-based Grade Engineering® projects. CRC ORE’s Luke Keeney, General Manager – Implementation reports.


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Article published in CRC ORE News - February 2017

New Grade Engineering industry projects

By Luke Keeney, General Manager – Implementation

In the last three months, CRC ORE has commenced four new site-based Grade Engineering® projects. These projects are the latest in CRC ORE’s continued process of developing Grade Engineering® site projects with our Essential Mining Participants, to further develop Grade Engineering® principles and promote greater adoption of technologies into industrial application.

The new site based engagements include:

  • Gramalote Grade Engineering® Pre-feasibility Study Review.
  • Carmen de Andacollo Opportunity Assessment.
  • Namosi Grade Engineering® Opportunity Assessment.

CRC ORE worked closely with AngloGold Ashanti in the first term of CRC ORE to define and quantify the opportunity for upgrading via screening at their Gramalote project in Colombia. Results of these initial studies showed significant value could be obtained through the exploitation of natural grade by size deportment. The Gramalote project team have conducted a significant bulk test work program to validate initial observations.

CRC ORE is again working closely with newly-signed Essential Participant, AngloGold Ashanti, to analyse the results and assist in definition of a work program to be conducted as part of the Gramalote Project Feasibility study.

Over the last few years, CRC ORE has developed and applied a methodology for rapidly assessing the amenability of a deposit to different Grade Engineering® levers at a number of projects/operations.

Teck’s Carmen de Andocollo operation and Newcrest’s Namosi project have both commenced an engagement with CRC ORE to define the opportunity of applying Grade Engineering®. The studies will quantify the response of the respective deposits to the application of specific Grade Engineering® levers and identify strategies to realise identified value.

Anglo American and their Los Bronces operation have worked closely with CRC ORE to investigate ore upgrading through screening opportunities.

Site utilisation projects are a significant and important aspect of CRC ORE activities and provide a mechanism for:

  • Matching technologies to sites.
  • Understanding how technologies impact both upstream and downstream in the mining system.
  • Quantifying the economic impact of technology in an operation.
  • Moving technologies from prototype to product.
  • Facilitating technology transfer between CRC ORE participants.

 CRC ORE Essential Participants have access to an overview of CRC ORE’s active site projects in the members-only section.

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