2018 kicks off with new utilisation projects

CRC ORE mining participants continue collaborating with CRC ORE’s Innovation Delivery Group investigating the next stage of Grade Engineering projects. This year has seen the commencement of three new site utilisation projects all focusing on different Grade Engineering aspects.

This article was published in CRC ORE News - March 2018

By Luke Keeney, General Manager - Implementation

new snapshots websiteThe new set of projects are (project snapshots are available to Essential Participants in the members area):

The key focus of the Minera San Cristobal study will be to upgrade ~400kt of marginal grade Zn, Pb and Ag ore via screening and then campaign the upgraded Grade Engineered product through the concentrator over several days to quantify concentrator impacts due to Grade Engineering. This edition of CRC ORE News includes a more indepth look at this proposed production trial.

A successful Phase 1 Grade Engineering study at Teck’s Carmen de Andacollo mine indicated significant value could be unlocked over the asset life. The Phase 2 study will expand the Grade Engineering evaluation to cover both Screening and Bulk Sorting options and identify how these technologies may be integrated into the existing operation.

CRC ORE continues its ongoing activities with Escondida through the development of a Heterogeneity Partnership. This partnership will investigate different heterogeneity modelling approaches for both Life of Mine and Short-term planning horizons. The work will lay the foundation for a significant testing campaign to understand the differences between in-situ and post-loading heterogeneity.

CRC ORE Essential Participants can download these project snapshots from the members area of the CRC ORE website.

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