A review of the minerals industry R&D landscape in Australia

CRC ORE commissioned a whitepaper titled “A review of the minerals industry R&D landscape in Australia”.

RD landscape whitepaper coverBased on data collected in early 2020, the paper examines 65 Research and Development programs, with total annual cash funding of $229 million (70% from industry and 30% from government). The total funding appears disproportionately low when compared to the combined Research and Development expenditure of Australian universities and CSIRO of over $12 billion, and minerals industry export revenues of over $200 billion.

This paper was authored by Andrew Jenkin, a resources technology and innovation consultant with over 30 years experience in the minerals industry, across a range of technical, operational, and strategic leadership roles.

Andrew conducted an analysis of significant Australian-based Research and Development programs focused on the minerals industry.

Findings contained within the whitepaper include:

  • Areas of relative strength are noted in ‘mineral processing’, CSIRO Minerals, and the CRC program
  • Areas of relative weakness are noted in ‘bulk materials handling and logistics’, ‘tailings and waste management’, and ‘social and community’
  • Specialised R&D opportunity areas, such as preconcentration, are not consistently supported

We encourage you to read and share this whitepaper as the landscape analysis may assist organisations with Research and Development management issues including program creation, program/partner selection, portfolio management, and public policy settings.

Download A review of the minerals industry R&D landscape in Australia.

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