Hatch to commercialise Grade Engineering

Improving the productivity of mining operations and creating positive change for mines and communities, CRC ORE takes an exciting step forward with Hatch.

766A4769_1.jpgDr Ben Adair (CRC ORE Chief Executive Officer) and Mr Jan Kwak (Hatch Managing Director - Australia and Asia) signing the Grade Engineering commercialisation agreement.Grade Engineering enables miners to reduce their energy, water and waste signatures while enhancing the productivity and profitability of their operations.”

Global multidisciplinary management, engineering and development consultancy Hatch has been awarded an exclusive licence to commercialise Grade Engineering® Consulting Services.

Developed by the Brisbane-based Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE), the innovative suite of Australian-developed mining technologies is set to be taken worldwide.

Grade Engineering makes it possible to more efficiently treat lower grade ores and wastes to extract valuable minerals, significantly increasing the life of mines and reducing their environmental footprint.

Achievable outcomes for mines, when deploying Grade Engineering at production scale, include significantly improved return on investment and lower capital intensity. As Hatch adopts Grade Engineering and extends its reach into the mining industry, the value of such outcomes will increase for operations, clients and communities globally.

CRC ORE Chief Executive Officer Dr Ben Adair is delighted that Hatch will be integrating Grade Engineering into its renowned consultancy business.

“Hatch is a valued a long-term participant in CRC ORE and has actively championed Grade Engineering and its benefits to the industry,” Dr Adair said.

“As a CRC ORE innovation, we are pleased that Grade Engineering will continue to be delivered by such a capable and engaged team.”

“At CRC ORE, our goal has been to develop our solutions to the highest possible standard and then ensure these are then managed by the most capable practitioners to take them to industry.”

“Hatch is the perfect partner to ensure the long-term future of Grade Engineering.”

Under the terms of the commercialisation arrangement, Hatch will use Grade Engineering Intellectual Property (IP) for their consulting services.

Hatch Managing Director Australia and Asia Jan Kwak said it was an honour to provide Grade Engineering consulting services.

“Being able to offer Grade Engineering as service is an exciting and positive step forward for Hatch and the mining industry,” Mr Kwak said.

“Grade Engineering enables miners to reduce their energy, water and waste signatures while enhancing the productivity and profitability of their operations.”

“It also brings us a step closer to our vision for process intensification.”

The Grade Engineering team at Hatch will be headed by Dr Sevda Dehkhoda who has been working closely with CRC ORE since 2019.

“We look forward to continuing the legacy of CRC ORE by enabling the mining industry to intensify operational performance and minimise environmental footprint of the process by refining less waste,” Dr Dehkhoda said.

“Adopting Grade Engineering into Hatch’s end-to-end value chain optimisation service offering strengthens Hatch’s position and its commitment to making positive change for mining operations and their communities.”

To facilitate the transition, CRC ORE’s Grade Engineering team will relocate to Hatch’s Brisbane office, supporting Hatch with current and potential users of Grade Engineering.

Hatch will invest its time to further increase the reach and applicability of the technologies throughout the mining industry.

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