Invitation to submit to Minerals journal special issue

Copper is one of the most important metal commodities, with applications in many products which are essential to sustain modern life.

To meet its growing demand, production of copper from primary sources is required.COPE_vertical_banner.png

Producers, however, are facing challenges due to falling head grades and more complex ore mineralogy.

To facilitate discussion around these challenges and potential opportunities, CRC ORE IES Utilisation Manager Dr Eiman Amini joins Minerals (an Open Access Journal by MDPI) as a Guest Editor for a special issue focusing on recent advances in copper ore processing and extraction.

The Minerals special issue will cover topics including:

  • innovations in hydrometallurgical, pyrometallurgical, electrometallurgical, and preconcentration technologies
  • improving copper ore resource efficiency through application of integrated approaches.

This special issue aims to bring together studies from academic and industry experts, and contribute to a better understanding of solutions to the current major industrial challenges.

CRC ORE Participants, the wider mining industry and research organisations are invited to submit manuscripts for possible inclusion in Minerals.

To find out more, and to submit manuscripts, visit the Minerals Recent Advances in Copper Ore Processing and Extraction special issue page or download the flyer.

Please note the submission deadline is 27 August 2021.

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