Meet Shruti, early career computer scientist

Towards the end of 2018 Shruti Gaur was exploring potential career options. She was aware of the mining industry but not the diversity of career paths it offered.

As a Master of Information Technology Student at QUT, specialising in computer science, Shruti wondered if the mining industry might accommodate those from science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines.Shruti_Gaur_766A7625_6x8.jpgShruti Gaur

“Like every other person who hasn’t been associated with mining industry I always thought mining was just blasting in some hostile environment,” Shruti said.

So she attended an information session for Austmine Women in STEM: METS Career Pathway Program, a program primarily aimed at opening pathways for women in STEM disciplines in the mining industry.

“In the information session, we were briefed about the mining industry and how women can make it their industry of choice for their career,” Shruti said.

“It really opened my eyes and I applied for an internship and was happy to accept a placement with the Cooperative Research Centre for Optimising Resource Extraction (CRC ORE) Summer Vacation Program.”

During the vacation program, Shruti worked with the Integrated Extraction Simulator (IES) team on process evaluation and visualisation of simulation results.

“Through the use of business intelligence tools, I developed custom visuals to suit the needs of the mineral processing industry,” Shruti said.

“I also worked towards the integration of IES platform and visualisation platform to view simulations out of IES.”

Recognising her valuable skills, Shruti was approached by CRC ORE after she completed the Summer Vacation Program to return to the team on a part time basis. Shruti is currently working on data pipelines, data cleansing and visualisation routines to prepare data for IES simulations.

“The project involves analysis and creation of graphic representations of production data from mines,” Shruti said. 

“This analysis in turn helps in recalibrating IES flowsheets and physical models of processing equipment.”

In this work Shruti is being mentored by Greg Shapland, IES Utilisation Manager who said it’s great to have Shruti on the team.

“I was impressed by the speed with which Shruti picked up mining and minerals processing concepts and could apply her knowledge of business intelligence and machine learning techniques to production data,” Greg said.

“We’re pleased to be able to help develop the skills and career of a talented STEM specialist like Shruti.”

When she’s not hard at work developing optimised processes and studying full time, Shruti is a veracious reader, but only when her three year old child is not keeping her on her toes.

“It’s great that I’m empowered to continue my studies and spend time with my family while also experiencing real world mining technology up close,” she said.

“I love seeing all the disciplines coexisting and working together to create solutions and resources.”

Shruti said that the work CRC ORE is doing is crucial for the mining industry and Australia.

“Day in and day out CRC ORE works hard finding ways to optimise the extraction of resources,” she said.

Upon completion of her Masters, Shruti is excited about the many possibilities that a career in mining offers her and other STEM specialists.

“The magnitude of work being carried out by CRC ORE and its participants is incredible and I look forward to seeing what the future of mining will bring us,” Shruti said.

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