STEM students benefit from METS internships

CRC ORE is offering a number of exciting opportunities to students in the Austmine STEM METS Career Pathway Program.

CRC ORE and its Participants including Imdex, Orica, Sedgman and AMC Consultants will provide students with on-the-job experience, mentoring and soft skills training for a successful STEM career in the METS sector.

The Austmine STEM METS Career Pathway Program raises awareness of the METS sector within the next generation of employees and works to change the perception of a mining industry career from “old-world” to one filled with technology-driven, entrepreneurial opportunities.

The ten-week paid internships also enable participating students to receive additional online coaching, student Austmine membership and ongoing support through their internship.

Austmine, the leading industry body for the Australian METS sector, developed this program with support from METS Ignited, the Federal Government’s Industry Growth Centre dedicated to the METS sector. Together, they are working to increase the number of students seeking a career in the dynamic, innovative and technologically advanced METS sector.

Applications are now open and will be accepted until Wednesday 31 July 2019. For more information and to apply, visit the Hot Rubble website.


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