This month we meet University of Newcastle PdD student, Callan Lowes. Callan is completing important research for CRC ORE’s Program 3: Extract (P3-005) being run through Curtin University. This research is being undertaken as part of the AMIRA P420F Gold project.

A new online tool, GE.View, is giving the Western Australian minerals industry the power to assess and rank opportunities for increased productivity via application of Grade Engineering® on a deposit-by-deposit basis from their own or public domain data.

A new production trial study has been flagged for Minera San Cristobal (MSC). The focus of the study is to upgrade ~400kt of marginal grade Zn, Pb and Ag ore via Grade Engineering screening and then campaign the upgraded product through the concentrator over several days to quantify concentrator impacts due to Grade Engineering.

CRC ORE mining participants continue collaborating with CRC ORE’s Innovation Delivery Group investigating the next stage of Grade Engineering projects. This year has seen the commencement of three new site utilisation projects all focusing on different Grade Engineering aspects.

Two of CRC ORE’s Board Members have been recognised for excellence in their chosen fields in recent months. Dr Sue Keay has just been named one of Australia’s first Superstars of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

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