Reducing water energy and emissions through Grade Engineering

Grade Engineering

Dr Michael Scott presenting his thought provoking paper “Reducing Water, Energy and Emissions through Grade Engineering®”.

The Australian mining industry currently consumes 28% more water, 21% more energy and generates 19% greater emissions to maintain the same level of production achieved in 2001. This is a significant threat the profitability and viability of Australian mining.

Dr Michael Scott showcases how Grade Engineering’s early intervention strategies resulted in substantial reductions in water, energy and emissions for an Australian gold and copper deposit.

Grade Engineering strategies were shown to provide significant reductions in the water (-21 %), energy (-9 %) and emission (-15 %) intensity of production. It also resulted in a substantial improvement to the net present value of the operation (+13 %).

The implementation of Grade Engineering strategies in combination with water and energy efficient equipment and practices can further reduce the water (-45 %) energy (-27 %) and emission (-29 %) intensity of production.

Dr Scott presented his work to a captivated audience at the recent Mine Excellence 2018 conference held in Santiago, Chile. With so much interest in the paper, CRC ORE has recorded the presentation so you can watch it in your own time.

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