Our Innovation Pathway

CRC ORE’s Innovation Pathway was based on a pipeline of activities that span the widely used Technology Readiness Level (TRL 1-9) scale of technology maturity.

  • Invent (TRL3-5)
  • Integrate (TRL5-7)
  • Implement (TRL7-9)
  • Introduce (TRL1-9)

crc ore innovation pathway



innovation pathway invent


Unlocking new value through innovating optimisation.  There's a better way to do it.  We find it.

TRL3-5: Taking technology concepts through analytical and experimental proof of concept into laboratory or desk-top validation and to an early prototype stage which is suitable for further refinement and testing under realistic world conditions.

CRC ORE has four Development Programs which represent the early stage of the pipeline (focussed on TRL3-5 activities). The Development Programs span the mining decision and value chain, and form the basis for commissioning projects with R&D providers. These projects address specific challenges and tasks which are carefully designed to support the overall objectives of CRC ORE. This involves partnering with a wide range of internationally recognised R&D organisations in Australia and internationally.

Program 1: Define - Improving feed quality
Program 2: Separate - Enabling mass separation
Program 3: Extract - Increasing extraction efficiency
Program 4: Control - Maximising system-value


innovation pathway integrate


Unlocking new value by radically improving each part of the process - and extracting value-chain efficiencies by showing how the parts work together across the whole system.

TRL5-7: System model tested in simulated or realistic environment then tested on end user site with refinement of positive value proposition.

CRC ORE has ten Delivery Themes. These package the point solutions developed in CRC ORE’s Development Programs, integrating them into a business-facing approach carefully designed to help support the path of new technologies into the business world, where they can be fully tested and the value proposition refined. This is also done by introducing and connecting synergistic business partnerships to help realise technology adoption changes more quickly. Each theme incorporates a ‘systems thinking’ approach to ensure that the impacts of solutions are assessed across the value chain, improving adoption success rate.

For more information on the Delivery Themes, click on the Delivery Theme tab above.


innovation pathway implement


Ground-truthing our innovations on-site, at production scale.

TRL7-9: System prototype demonstrated on end user site. Commercially relevant systems with a proven value proposition are deployed to industry.

CRC ORE, through its collaborative partnerships, undertakes testing at mine sites around the world as the platform for its research and development. These studies continue to expand, as they provide the ideal environment for industry, research and commercial partners to develop and validate step change technologies.

Projects such as these are only possible through a large scale collaborative effort, and this structure ensures the developed technologies are shaped and validated by operating mine sites and commercial providers in a way that directly addresses the industry’s requirements.


innovation pathway introduce


Matchmaking our innovative new technology with the people who can make best use of it and introducing partnerships between our participants.

TRL1-9: Connecting collaborative partnerships.

CRC ORE is taking an active role in connecting collaborative partnerships between participants. This is a key strategy underpinning our pursuit of fast-tracking the prototype to product cycle from 15 to 5 years.


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