Edwin Koh

Technical Specialist

Edwin Koh graduated with a Degree in Chemical Engineering in 2018 and had always displayed an interest in coding and modelling. Edwin sought out to widen his modelling experience in various fields. These varied fields included food and beverage (mouthfeel contact physics), environmental modelling at the Coorong and Great Barrier Reef, computational fluid dynamics (simulation of industrial gluten dryer), and medical (diagnosing skin burns) where he also won the undergraduate thesis of the year in the Engineering Faculty. During this time spent modelling, Edwin built up four years of experience coding in MATLAB for various research teams at The University of Queensland (UQ).

When exploring summer vacation research projects in late 2018, Edwin decided that the mining and minerals processing industry would be his chosen field in which to deploy his skills. Moreover, he was also interested in the booming field of AI and machine learning so successfully applied to CRC ORE to participate in a project related to these areas. Following success with his CRC ORE summer vacation project Edwin decided to further his studies in this area and commenced working towards a PhD at UQ in the School of Maths and Physics under Prof Geoff McLachlan and Dr Eiman Amini. During his time with CRC ORE, Edwin has developed coding skills in Python, Java and R, however he now mainly uses Python for Neural Network training. Edwin officially joined the CRC ORE team in early 2019, working as a Technical Specialist within the Integrated Extraction Simulator team.

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