Jon Rutter

Principal Mine Geologist

Jon Rutter is a technical specialist with CRC ORE, focussing on geology and operational implementation. Jon brings over 20 years of experience with international and Australian mining organisations, primarily working in operational and leadership roles on mine sites.

His experience encompasses working underground in both narrow vein and mass mining operations, as well as large scale open pit operations. He has worked with both base and precious metal operations.

Jon has been extensively involved in mine geology, grade control, reconciliation, mine planning, mine to mill optimisation, business improvement and process optimisation. He has an acute understanding of the requirement for training and knowledge transfer from his experience working with indigenous workforces on mine sites and is keen to share the learnings of CRC ORE with its members.

Jon Rutter  |   E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   |  LinkedIn  |  T: 07 3161 6657


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