Paul Revell

General Manager - Research & Innovation

Paul Revell provides overall management of CRC ORE’s four Development Programs and is the Program Coordinator for Program 4: Control. He also provides assistance with aspects of Program 3: Extract.

Paul is an accomplished technical processing manager and chemical engineering professional with 20 years of global experience within the mining, mineral processing and manufacturing sectors of major mining companies. Paul has previously worked for Anglo American, Rio Tinto and Superior Coal, where he was primarily involved in defining and understanding the full potential of in-situ resources, then deploying and optimising the appropriate mineral processing technology and systems to safely and cost effectively deliver the identified value. He specialises in technology assessment, process optimisation, project evaluation and risk assurance.

Paul holds a Bachelor of Science (Chem. Eng.) and a Masters of Business and Technology. He has a keen interest in working with research and technology providers to generate novel solutions, identify emerging technologies and adapt them into the mining sector in innovative ways.

Paul Revell |  E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  |  LinkedIn  |  T: 07 3667 8518


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