Bernard Selasie Agbenuvor

Investigation of multi-stage impact breakage



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Bernard Selasie
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 MPhil Topic:


Investigation of multi-stage impact breakage




The University of Queensland




Dr Vladimir Jokovic and Dr Christian Antonio




March 2020



 Meet Bernard Selasie Agbenuvor:

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Bernard Selasie is an Masters of Philosophy (Mphil) student at The University of Queensland’s Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (UQ-JKMRC). He commenced his Masters of Philosophy (Mphil) candidature in 2018.

Bernard attained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Minerals Engineering at the University of Mines and Technology in Ghana in July 2015. He went on to work for the university for a year as a research and teaching assistant, then as a research assistant for a mineral consultancy firm in Ghana known as Process Innovations.

Bernard’s research focuses on investigating multi-stage breakage with single energy impact in the comminution process. This project could deliver significant benefits in improving energy efficiency.

After successful completion of his MPhil, Bernard hopes to pursue a PhD degree. He would like to continue to contribute his knowledge in ore breakage to research projects in mineral processing and related fields.


 Focus area:

Investigation of multi-stage impact breakage


The main focus of Bernard’s research is to achieve more breakage with less energy. He is exploring how to exploit the residual velocity carried by rebound progeny after a rock interacts with an anvil in a rotor-stator impacting system. This generates secondary breakage without further addition of energy.

Comminution circuits are highly energy inefficient and are solely optimised on plant throughput. New generation Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) based comminution devices have been identified as having the potential to improve both energy intensity and multi-stage selective breakage.

CRC ORE and the UQ-JKMRC research team aim to integrate enhanced Grade Engineering® grade-by-size gangue liberation and more energy efficient comminution.


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