2018 Vacation Student Profiles and Projects

Pajani at PavillionPajani Aroomoogon, a third year Chemical Engineering (Hons) student from The University of Queensland, has worked with CRC ORE’s Pat Walters and staff at JKMRC on a Selective Breakage and Enhanced Coarse Liberation project.  His specific focus has been on investigating the phenomena of natural deportment of grade by size on a small scale, where each particle was subject to various controlled testing and breakage analysis.



Shruti resizeShruti Gaur is on track to complete her Master of Information Technology from QUT in mid-2019.  She has been assisting Greg Shapland on investigating novel approaches to visualise the outputs from millions of simulations in IES in a dashboard using Microsoft’s Power BI. Shruti came to CRC ORE as part of the Austmine Women in STEM vacation employment program.




Isaac V2Isaac Doidge, a third year Software Engineering (Hons) Student at The University of Queensland, has been putting his knowledge of Java, C, Python and JavaScript to use assisting Robert Watkins to create and improve scripts to manage and monitor the IES software, leveraging AWS tools such as CloudFormation, CloudWatch, and OpsWorks.




Edwin Shruti resize

Edwin Koh, in his final year of chemical engineering at The University of Queensland, has also been working on an IES project, assessing the application of neural networks to train new process models using open source programming environments such as R and Python and then using them to develop customised models in IES.




Sarah v2

Sarah Thompson is studying a combined degree in Chemical Engineering and Economics at The University of Queensland and is aiming to graduate at the end of 2019. Sarah has been working with Mike Scott to refine the CRC ORE models for activity-based costing for mining and mineral processing as well as Energy, Water and Emissions modelling for mining schedules.




Keiran v2Kieran White is in his third year of a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physics at The University of Queensland. Kieran has been partnered with IMDEX, a CRC ORE METS Participant, working with John Jackson on a Data Analytics project associated with the multi-party collaborative Instrumenting the Bench Project. He is helping in the analysis of multi parametric data from selected drill hole datasets from two different deposit types to provide insights into how the data is best used in developing blastability domains in an open cut mining operation.



Tim Johns with CRC ORE banner 2

Tim Johns is currently completing a Bachelor of Engineering majoring in Chemical Engineering at Curtin University. He moved to Kalgoorlie for the summer from Perth to work with CRC ORE’s Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mining Innovation Hub team.  Tim has been busy on a project designed to investigate RC drilling product as a suitable sample for small-scale grade by size analysis.  Grade Engineering grade by size analysis is routinely completed utilising diamond drilling rejects but has not been comprehensively compared with RC chips. This project supports several research projects underway at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder Mining Innovation Hub and Curtin University’s WA School of Mines: Minerals, Energy and Chemical Engineering to develop and implement Grade Engineering solutions.


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